Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December 7, 2010 -- Caesar - The Movie: Reading

December 7, 2010
Flying Dragon Productions Presents
A Staged Reading of:
Caesar-The Movie
National Center for the Preservation of Democracy
Los Angeles, CA

Directed by: Thomas Isao Morinaka
Featuring: Art Hsu, Edwin Bravo, Henry Hayashi, Feodor Chin, Alden Ray, Golda Inquito, Heather Nichols, Cesar Cipreiano, Jared Asato, Ryan Moriarty, Patrick Chien, Mack Wei, and Michael Iinuma.

“Caesar: The Movie” follows Julius Caesar, the leader of a notorious Asian street gang, who is about to be given control over the entire city of Rome, CA by a council of high-ranking Mafia bosses called “The Senate”. To prevent his oppressive rule, his once loyal lieutenants (Brutus and Cassius) plan and execute his murder with the help of other gang members. Seeking revenge, Antony, Caesar's trusted right-hand, allies with Octavius (Caesar's rightful heir) and creates a new gang in Caesar's memory. Antony's gang then declares war on Brutus and Cassius' gang, and the ensuing melee ravages the city with major casualties on both sides. “Caesar: The Movie” contemporizes the classical Shakespearean play into today’s gritty Los Angeles while keeping the original text. Told from the perspective of youths involved in the life of Asian street gangs, the film’s script presents Asian-Americans in challenging, non-stereotypical leading roles. Written and directed by Thomas Isao Morinaka, the reading will consist of actors performing the characters as well as photos of environments to be used in the film, storyboards, and music in order to give the audience a more “cinematic” experience.

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