Friday, November 22, 2013

November 21, 2013 -- CAPE Philippine Typhoon Relief Fundraiser

November 21, 2013
Fu's Palace
Los Angeles, CA

The Event helped Raise $29,000+
For Philippine Relief
Via the Red Cross

PSA and Event contributorsDirector Ramona Diaz, Capella Fahoome Brogden, Leah Anova, Lou Diamond Phillips, Erika Fong, James Kyson, Tamlyn Tomita, Jasmine Villegas, Thomas Livezey, Sean & Vanessa Monzon, Ania De Pourbaix, Ron Dempsey, Michael Goi, Brian Gonosey, Mark Franco, Sarah Ford, Telly Wang, Narendra Wickremetunge, Johnny Leach, James Huang who won both the silent & the live auction, and Cara Fasone (2013 CAPE New Writers Fellow) who donated her portion of winning the 50/50 chance giveaway.
Each of you made a difference: I leave you with this video message from Senator Pia Cayetano of the Philippines. She heard of our efforts and was moved to record a special thank you to the CAPE community on behalf of the Philippines:

To Contribute: Text to:
Text RELIEF to 864233 to give to UNICEF
Text AID to 80077 to give to HOPE Worldwide
Text AID to 50555 to give to Operation USA
Text DONATE to 20222 to give to Save The Children

Peter Mc Hugh
CAPE Board Member

Jennifer Sanderson, Peter McHugh

Jennifer Sanderson
CAPE Executive Director

McHugh Family

CAPE Advisor

Red Cross Director, Corporations
Stephanie Pell, and
Jennifer Sanderson, CAPE

Jennifer Sanderson, Laverne McKinnon

Stephanie Pell, Lou Diamond Phillips

Stephanie Pell, Asia Powell

Asia Powell
Senior Consultant, Verizon

Lou Diamond Phillips. Stephanie Pell

Jennifer "The Auctioneer" Sanderson

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