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May 31 - June 7, 2012 -- Dances With Film

May 31 - June 7, 2012
Dances With Film
Mann's 6 Theatres
Los Angeles, CA

Opening Night Red Carpet Arrivals


Awards Ceremony

 Carmen Marron

 Carmen Marron

 Esai Morales

Alonso Alvarez Barreda
Director/Writer/Produer -"Crescendo
DWF ICA Award Winner

 Jessica Just

Jessica Just


This year's Competition Winners include:

Feature Competition
-Grand Jury Prize - FRAY (Director/Writer - Geoff Ryan, Producer - Jodi Redmond)
-Honorable Mention - SMALL CREATURES  (Director/Writer/Producer - Martin Wallace)
-Audience Award  - DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR (Director - Iris Almaraz w/Guest Director Gustavo Ramos, Writers - Iris Almaraz & Gustavo Ramos, Producer - Joey Mendez)

Documentary Competition
-Audience Award - THE EXQUISITE CORPSE PROJECT (Director - Ben Popik, Writers - Chioke Nassor, Joel Clark, Adam Conover, Dave Segal, Raphael Bob-Waksberg, Producers - Margaret Laney & Ben Popik)

Fusion Short
-Audience Award - HI, LILLIAN (Director - Mike Lemcke, Writers - Mike Lemcke & Grant Lyon, Producer - Grant Lyon)

Fusion Feature
-Audience Award - SHOWBOYS (Director -Johnny Soto, Writers - Johnny Soto & Jeff Garner, Producer - Diana Vu)

Short Competition
-Grand Jury Prize - CRESCENDO (Director/Writer/Produer - Alonso Alvarez Barreda)
-Honorable Mention - A DAY IN THE LIFE OF YOUR CATS (Director/Producer - Jeffrey Williams, Writer/Producer - Dan Greenberger)
-Audience Award - TEN DOLLAR COVER (Director - Bubba Carr, Writers - Bubba Carr & LC Crowley & Grayson Hunter, Producers - LC Crowley & Michelle Keller 

For its 2nd year, DWF gives an ICA (Industry Choice Award) to a filmmaker juried by this years industry luminaries Mark Ordesky (LORD OF THE RINGS Exec. Producer/Amber Ent.), Steven Wegner (THE BLIND SIDE/Alcon Ent.), Mike Macari (THE RING I & II, 
Macari/Edelstein) and Tracy Bing(MARCH OF THE PENGUINS, GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK).  

This year's ICA Award goes to 2 films:  
-INTO THE WAKE (Director - John Mossman, Writers/Producers -Tim Miller & John Mossman)
-CRESCENDO (Director/Writer/Produer - Alonso Alvarez Barreda)

For its 6th year, Canon sponsor's DWF's 2 MINUTE, 2 STEP SHORT FILM CHALLENGE which brings 6 filmmmaking teams together as they are given just 4 hours to shoot and edit a two minute film.

This year's 2 MINUTE, 2 STEP SHORT FILM CHALLENGE winner is:
-CRIME IN A BOX by Jeff Lorch and Jason Weissbrod

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