Friday, September 15, 2017

September 16, 2017 -- NFMLA with SAG and NALIP

Shorts Program #1
4:00PM Pre-screening Reception | 4:45PM Shorts Program #1 Screenings

Our Barrio

Dir. Ryan Casselman | Writ. by Ryan Casselman & Yvette Angulo | USA

Our Barrio tells the story of Gabriela, a young woman on the verge of adulthood, who lives with her family in a diverse neighborhood. Struggling with her identity, Gabriela is forced to reckon with herself when her life comes to an abrupt halt. 

The Machine

Dir. & Writ. by Adolfo Mena Cejas | Cuba

After being informed by an official from the US Embassy that she has won the American Visa Lottery, Lázara Carvajal decides to leave Cuba –even if that means she has to abandon her family. 

Remember This Voice

Dir. & Writ. by Jeff Chan | USA

He was given a chance to make himself heard. 


Dir. & Writ. by Rubin Stein | Spain

Alma, a Spanish journalist, is carried to a secret place where a Latin American dictator is hidden after a tragic terrorist attack to his family. 
Shorts Program #2
6:00PM Pre-screening Reception | 6:45PM Shorts Program #2 Screenings

xx (doble equis)

Dir. & Writ. by Jorge Ossio | Peru

A young woman from Lima spends her days looking for ways to not feel so lonely. 

La Madre Buena (The Good Mother)

Dir. & Writ. by Sarah Clift | Mexico

A Mexican mother embarks upon an epic journey across land and through her politics, to find her son's birthday request - a Donald Trump piñata. 

Anto (Never)

Dir. & Writ. by Joe Torres & J. René Guerra | Venezuela

The inclement sun. A damn endless desert. Three women gather to wait for transportation. They are survivors of an extinct world, of a time apart. They are afraid. They are suspicious of each other. 


Dir. & Writ. by Douglas Cushnie | USA

Early 1800's: Isadora, an Indigenous Californian (Gabrielino/Tongva) woman, faces a battle to survive after being emancipated from the abusive Los Angeles mission where she was raised. 


Dir. & Writ. by Daniela Arguello | USA / Guatemala

Based on a true story. 2,500 kilometers from the U.S border in a small town in Guatemala. 
Feature Documentary
8:15PM Pre-screening Reception | 9:00PM Feature Program Screenings

Frágil Equilibrio (Delicate Balance)

Dir. & Writ. by Guillermo García López | Spain

A Japanese executive in Tokyo. A sub-Saharan community. A family in Madrid. Three stories of contradictions that unfold in different places on the planet, in different socio-cultural spheres.

Wilki W. K. Tom

Saturday, August 12, 2017

August 26, 2017 -- New Filmmakers LA

Shorts Program #1
5:00PM Pre-screening Reception | 5:40PM Shorts Program #1 Screenings

Con Boys

Dir. & Writ. by Ryan Casselman | USA

Jimmy, a small-time con artist is forced to look after his neighbor's little brother, Robbie. 

Twenty-Something (Pet Shop Boys)

Dir. by Gavin Filipiak | USA

Music video follows the hardships of an ex gang member as he struggles to integrate into society after incarceration. 

Quelle vie!

Dir. & Writ. by Joakim Scheidegger | Switzerland

Remy is moving into an apartment, in an old house. The problem, he can't hear the principle bell, so he goes to the home owner, Henry, to ask if he can do anything. 

Plastic Ankles

Dir. & Writ. by TKHS | USA / Hong Kong

Hello my name is Marlon and I am innocent! 


Dir. & Writ. by Vijay D. Varu | UK

Running late for work, an out of breath Jake begins a journey towards enlightenment and self-discovery. But he must overcome his own shackles if he is to reach his 'true' destination! 


Dir. & Writ. by Jesse Atlas | USA / Ireland

A supernatural experiment merges the past and the present in this narrative/dance collaboration with Emmy-Nominated choreographers Travis Wall, Nick Lazzarini, and Teddy Forance. 

The Cage

Dir. & Writ. by Ricky Staub | USA

An honest picture of redemption in the face of overwhelming darkness. Written and directed by Neighborhood Film Company's founder, Ricky Staub, The Cage is an honest picture of redemption in the face of overwhelming darkness. 
Shorts Program #2
7:10PM Pre-screening Reception | 7:50PM Shorts Program #2 Screenings

Come Here Often?

Dir. & Writ. by Morgan Dameron | USA

Three vignettes in the same sleepy bar about romance, friendship and taking chances. 


Dir. & Writ. by Rebecca Feldman | USA

A Brooklyn curmudgeon receives a surprise visit from a British gentleman claiming to be his son. 

The Singing Bones

Dir. & Writ. by Danishka Esterhazy | USA

Adapted from the story by celebrated author Francesca Lia Block, The Singing Bones is a modern dark fairy tale. 

Real Artists

Dir. by Cameo Wood | USA

In the near future, a young animator is offered what should be her dream job. But when she discovers the truth of the modern 'creative process', she must make a hard choice about her passion for film. 


Dir. by Justine Raczkiewicz | USA

Roger lives a grim and detached life, picking up medical waste for a living, but looks forward to his evening conversations with his quirky roommate and foodie, Olive. 
Feature Program – InFocus: Youth Cinema
9:30PM Pre-screening Reception | 10:10PM Feature Program Screenings

How to Get Girls

Dir. & Writ. by Omri Dorani & Zach Fox | USA

In this raunchy teen comedy, an awkward high schooler takes advantage of his childhood best friend's newly developed good looks in order to gain popularity and get girls. 

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