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November 18, 2018 -- NFMLA

Shorts Program #1
4:00PM Pre-screening Reception | 4:30PM Shorts Program #1 Screenings

Memory Box

Dir. by Aaron Aites & Audrey Ewell | USA

A young mother working in a memory re-creation facility is pushed by a client to break the rules. 


Dir. by Matt Ferrucci | USA

Disgraced NBA superstar Jay 'J-Train' Tyrell has lost everything. After being arrested at the Red Roof Inn with drugs, guns and transvestite prostitutes, his career and life are on the outs. 


Writ. & Dir. by Alejandro Montoya | USA

A singer/songwriter must decide to keep following her dream when everything around her is telling her otherwise. 

Kid Gambled

Dir. & Writ. by Alex Familian | USA

Peer-pressured to steal a case of beer by his hooligan friends, a stoned anxiety-stricken teenager wobbles through the aisles of a Las Vegas convenience store battling his own self doubts and wild hallucinations. 


Dir. & Writ. by Quinn Smith | USA

Bruce, a formerly convicted felon recently released from prison, discovers his wife Camila's long time affair with his brother Mark. He must prove himself innocent once Camila's dead body washes up on the shores of Cape Cod. 
Feature Program - InFocus: Asian American Filmmaker - Growing Up In America
5:50PM Pre-screening Reception | 6:45PM Feature Program Screenings

Knowing Nothing Cold

Dir. & Writ. by Jeff Kao | USA

Knowing Nothing Cold follows a group of teenagers living in the American Midwest of the 1970's as they attempt the impossible –a graceful entrance into adulthood. 
Shorts Program #2
8:10PM Pre-screening Reception | 9:05PM Shorts Program Screenings

Back Page Ripper

Dir. & Writ. by Stephen Rutterford | USA

Blade Runner meets The Muppets. An experimentation with narrative. 

Shadows Of My Mind

Dir. by Peter Harton | Denmark

Danish singer/songwriter Peder drags us into the darkest corner of our minds to the tune of dank, dusty blues in the short film for 'Shadows Of My Mind' directed by Peter Harton. 

Illusory Promises

Dir. & Writ. by Alejandro Echevarria | USA

A traveling young man and a hippie woman hitchhiking along the road don't exactly vibe together in this semiotic parable. 

The Raisin

Dir. by Rob Carter | UK

A rural romance that centers around the story of one raisin. This film looks at the effects that loneliness can have on a person when finally met with the opportunity for companionship. 

Killing a Tree

Dir. by Beau Jamieson | USA

A glimpse at the horrific crimes surrounding a family where we see everything except the people, showing the humanity alongside the inhumane. There is no cast and only one location. 


Dir. by Christopher Oliva | USA

A young man with big aspirations sets out on a very curious and unique path to realize his dream of becoming an astronaut. Unemployed and living with his single mother, Rupert Madurski must find a nice balance in a world without spacemen. 


Dir. & Writ. by Tuan Le | Writ. by John Bellina | USA

Evan meets a girl who claims to be his girlfriend from three years in the future.

Wilki W. K. Tom

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