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March 7, 2015 -- New Filmmakers LA

March 7, 2015
New Filmmakers LA
AT&T Center
Los Angeles, CA

Sugar Hiccup

JeanSu, Tony Scott

Shoshana Korman, Ann


Shoshana Korman

Barrington Goines

Jessica Williamson

Salvador Anaya

Jorge A. Tagle

Rolla, Desmond
Sugar Hiccup

Director: "Rose Colored World"

Jess Dang

Clara Franz-Arau

Emilia ArauClara Franz-Arau, Katherine Griffin




A neurotic pregnant woman on the verge of giving birth, attempts to reunite her estranged family which includes an impossible mother riddled deeply with Alzheimer's, an aging porn star sister and an intense Aunt, whom the family hasn't seen in 18 years. All in an effort to fix her family history before giving birth. The colorful journey travels from Venice to Van Nuys to Simi Valley and in the end, love must win out.

Director / Co-Writer: Come Simi

, James Portolese

Andrea Gonzalez, Andrew Burk, Sheldon Craig, Robert McGowan

Amanda Ditmer

Amanda Ditmer, , 

Tina Morasco, 

Tony Esfandiari
Global Marketing Partners

Paige Clark, JohnClark

Eileen Pollack Erickson, 

Eileen Pollack Erickson, 

Doc Perdolie

, Doc Perdolie

Susan Dumante

, Jasmine

Paige Morrow Kimball

Paige Morrow Kimball

Paige Morrow Kimball

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