Sunday, June 15, 2014

June 14, 2014 -- Mixed Remixed Festival

June 14, 2014
Mixed Remixed Festival
Japanese American National Museum
Los Angeles, CA

Short Film Program:
The United Colors of Amani
Director: Amani Starnes

Ozzie & Harry
Director: Jeffrey Moline

Tender Love
DirectorL Joseph Hernandez-Kolski

Covered In Grass
Director: Aaron Samuels

Jeffrey Moline

Joseph Hernandez-Kolski

Aaron Samuels



Director: Bryan Tucker

Angela Tucker

Bryan Tucker

Angela Tucker, Bryan Tucker


Athena Mari Asklipiadis
Mixed Marrow Project


KPCC's Special Panel Presentation:
#Multicultivate: Can Diversity Really Be Taught?
Moderator: Josie Huang

Josie Huang

Sonia Smith-Kang

Terrance Franklin


Jeffrey Moline


Sleeping With The Fishes
Director: Nicole Gomez Fisher

Rayme Cornell

Nicole Gomez Fisher


Francesca Biller

Storyteller's Prize Presentation

Erica Gimpel

President & Chief Executive Officer

Khanisha Foster

Heidi Durrow

Maya Greene

Grace Colbert

Cheerios Super Bowl Commercial (2014) - Gracie

Aaron Samuels

Storyteller's Prize
Key & Peele

Jordan Peele

Keegan-Michael Peele


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