Saturday, July 19, 2014

July 9-19, 2014 -- The Algerian

July 9-19, 2014
The Algerian
Downtown Film Festival LA
Downtown Independent Theatre
Los Angeles, CA

Opening Night:
The Algerian




  (story),  (screenplay),2 more credits »

Ron Gilbert, Leimoni Coloretti

Jake Squared (2013)

Ron Gilbert

Ron Gilbert, 

Romeo And Juliett in Harlem
Writer / Director: Aleta Chappelle

Charles Burnette, Jonathan Burnette

Charles Burnette

Jonathan Burnette

Bill Duke

Jane Santos

ccc, Jane Santos, Bill Duke

Sharon Smith, Victoria Rowell

Victoria Rowell

Laurence Fishburne, Victoria Rowell, Harry Lennix, Bill Duke

Laurence Fishburne

bbb, Laurence Fishburne, Harry Lennix

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Lennix

Harry Lennix, Erica Gimple

Erica Gimple, Harry Lennix, Aleta Chappelle

Erica Gimple

Aleta Chappelle
Writer, Director

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