Thursday, May 19, 2011

May 19-25, 2011 -- HOLA Mexico Film Festival

May 19-25, 2011
Hollywood, CA

Thursday, May 19, 2011
Opening Night Gala

Director: Alvaro Curiel (MEXICO 2010, 97 MIN, 35MM)
Starring: Silverio Palacios, Laura de la Luz

Samuel Douek

Daniel Muñoz

David Figueroa Ortega

Christine Aguilar

,Isabel Cueva, Marco Rea

Will's Canga, Marco Rea

Marco Rea, Carmen Marron, , Samuel Douek, Isabel Cueva

Will's Canga,




El Infierno (Hell)

Asalto Al Cine (The Cinema Holdup)

Te Presento a Laura
(Presenting Laura)

Sin Ella
(Without Her)

USA Premiere Secret/ Unannounced Screening!!!
Salvando Al Soldado Perez (Saving Private Perez)

Director: Beto Gomez (MEXICO 2011, 102MIN, 35MM)
CastT: Miguel Rodarte, JesusS Ochoa, Joaquin Cosio, Jaime Camil ( Q & A with talent) The dark legend of Julian Perez is about to make an unexpected turn when destiny places the most feared "Boss of Bosses" of organized crime in the most dangerous mission of his life. A mission bestowed upon him by the only authority he respects: his mother. Julian must travel to the other side of the world, a place called Irak, in order to rescue, his younger brother, Juan a soldier declared missing in action while fighting on the side of the Americans. Now, armed to the teeth an joined by a band of the must notorious men in Mexico, Julian must invade one of the most dangerous countries in the world, in the middle of a war between two superpowers and in doing so prove to his mother and himself that the only calling cannot ignore is family.

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