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March 2-4, 2012 -- BHLIFE Film Festival

March 2-4, 2012
BHLIFE Film Festival
CASA 0101
Boyle Heights
Los Angeles, CA


Taking place March 2nd - 4th, 2012 in celebration on International Women's Day.

The Boyle Heights Latina Independent Film Extravaganza (BHLIFE) will re-launch its festival this year with a renovated image, a new festival director and a new venue.

International Women's Day is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future.

BHLIFE is a celebration of Latinas, their voices and their visions. The mission of the festival is to build a network of Latina Filmmakers that will draw attention tot the growing number of Latinas working behind the camera. The films of these Latinas constitute a body of work that acts as a powerful statement against the stereotypical portrayals of Latinas on screen.

Prizes are awarded at the film festival but the ultimate goal is the unification of Latina filmmakers in transforming their image to one that empowers and inspires.

CASA 0101

Classic Glamour Dolls
qqq, Ana Vergara, ooo

Classic Glamour Dolls
ooo, Ana Vergara, qqq



Ana Vergara
Classic Glamour Dolls

Elizabeth Otero De Espinoza
Director: "Teaching My Man To Drive A Shift"

ddd, Pablo Nunez

Yolanda Ramersa
Director: "Paloma"

Don Harris, Natasha Perez, Yolanda Romersa

Natasha Perez

Natasha Perez

sss, Consuelo Alba
Writer / Director: El Andalon (The Healer)

Elizabeth Otero de Espinoza
Director "Teaching My Man How To Drive Stick"

Yolanda Romersa
Director: "Paloma"

Gianze Perez
Director: "You+Me=US"

Teri Carson
Director: "Heartbreak In 209 Cuts"

Belinda Salazar, Director:
Oskar Toruno, Writer:
"Barrio MMA Kid"

Belinda Salazar
Director: "Barrio MMA Kid"

Belinda Salazar

Belinda Salazar, Oskar Toruno

Belinda Salazar, Sandra Varona, Oskar Toruno

Gabby Egito
Director: "Synergy"

Classic Glamour Doll Ana Vergara
Desiree Estrada

DesireƩ Estrada

Kikey Castillo

Regina Gomez
Director: "Morning After"

Consuelo Alba, Carmen Marron, Isabel Cueva, Jimena Grijalva Gallego

Jimena Grijalva Gallego
Director: "Sin Froteras"

Cisely Saldana, Judy Reyes, Kayla

Cisely Saldana, Kayla

Judy Reyes

Judy Reyes

Mariachi Divas

Ana Saldana
Director: "La Santa Cecilia"

Ana Saldana

Ana Saldana

Ana Saldana

Emma Caltrider, Cheyann Montiel Reagan, Lorena Alvarado

Emma Caltrider, Cheyann Montiel Reagan, Lorena Alvarado

Cheyann Montiel Reagan
Director: "Coming Together"

Emma Caltrider
"Coming Together"

Iliana Sosa
"Child Of The Desert"

Iliana Sosa

Kikey Castillo, Bel Hernandez Castillo, Dyana Ortelli

Emma Caltrider, Cheyann Montiel Reagan
"Coming Together"

Kikey Castillo

Vida Guerra

Vida Guerra

Priscilla Pyrk, Vida Guerra

Criselda Sanchez

Criselda Sanchez

Josefina Lopez, Carmen Marron

Carmen Marron

mmm, Priscilla Pyrk, Don Harris, Diana

ppp, ttt, Philip Delacruz

Philip De La Cruz, Priscilla Pyrk

Don Harris, Priscilla Pyrk, Philip De La Cruz, Diana

Sandra Canchola and son

Classic Glamour Dolls

Vida Guerra

Vida Guerra, Philip De La Cruz,

Vida Guerra, Priscilla Pyrk,

Sandra Canchola, Classic Glamour Dolls

Henry Priest, Diana

Jesse Garcia, rrr, yyy

Vida Guerra

Gina Rodriguez

Johan Khalilian, Gina Rodriguez

Jorge Diaz, Gina Rodriguez

Jorge Diaz, Gina Rodriguez

Carmen Marron, Isabel Cueva, qqq

Cisely Saldana, Rommel Chavez

Cisely Saldana

Cisely Saldana, Judy Reyes, Kayla

Carmen Marron, Robert Benavides

jjj, Belinda Salazar


Maria Keohan

Gianze Perez
Director: "Painted Ladies"

Fanny Veliz

Sandra Varona

Sara Martin, Cheyanne Montiel Reagan, Emma Caltrider

Sara Martin
Director: "Le Petit Chef"

Emma Caltrider, Perry Yee, Cheyanne Montiel Reagan

Sara Martin

Cheyanne Montiel Reagan

Emma Caltrider

Fanny Veliz

Cheyanne Montiel Reagan

Yolanda Romersa, Dan Harris

Jessica McMann Macias
Director: "Soleil"

Jessica McMann Macias, Lliana Sosa

, Lliana Sosa

Sinfonico De La Salsa

Sinfonico De La Salsa


Oskar Toruno, lovely wife!

Oskar Toruno, Belinda Salazar

Belinda Salazar "Barrio MMA Kid" Family

Belinda Salazar Family


Block 1 Shorts

Josefina Lopez, Fanny Veliz, Elizabeth Otero de Espinoza,
Gianze Perez, Maria Keohan, Lucy Rodriguez, Regina Gomez

Block 2 Shorts

Block 3 Shorts

Josefina Lopez, Jimena Grijalva Gallego, Consuelo Alba

Block 4 Shorts

Josefina Lopez, Yolanda Romersa, Cristina Malavenda, Kamala Lopez


©2012 WilkiIMAGE Photos By Wilki

Best Director - Dir. Iliana Sosa "Child of the Desert"

Best Screenwriter - Dir. Cristina Malavenda "Understudy"

Best Documentary - Dir. Anayansi Prado "Paraiso For Sale"

Best in Keeping with the Festival Theme - Dir. Debby Wolfe"Gordita" (won a full conference pass to NALIP 2012!)

Up and Coming Director - Dir. Belinda Salazar "Barrio MMA"

Congratulations as well to the other BHLIFE award winners:

Audience Award - Dir. Kamala Lopez "Ese Beso"

Mujers de Juarez Award - Dir. Jessica McMaunn Macias "Soleil"

Unique Voice- Dir. Sara Martin - "Le Petite Chef"

Promising Filmmaker - Dir. Regina Gomez "Morning After"
W. K. Tom All Rights Reserved

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