Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 26, 2014 -- 56th Thalians Tribute: Smokey Robinson

April 26, 2014
56th Annual
Thalians Tribute: Smokey Robinson
House of Blues
Hollywood, CA

Bob Lorsch, Karen Gordy, Kira Lorsch, Kerry Gordy

Robert Lorsch, Kira Lorsch
Event Chair

Karen and Kerry Gordy

Cheech Marin, Natascha Rubin

Kato Kaelin, Lyna Nguyen

Bob Lorsch, Florance LaRue, Kira Lorsch

Florance LaRue

Guy Sebastian

Bob Lorsch, Guy Sebastian, Kira Lorsch

Marilyn McCool, Billy Davis

Marilyn McCool

Kerry Gordy, Bob Lorsch, Kira Lorsch, Marilyn McCool,
Billy Davis

Bob Lorsch, Kira Lorsch

Bob Lorsch, Kira Lorsch, Tamara Henry,

Tamara Henry

Tamara Henry, Kira Lorsch

Tamara Henry, Kira Lorsch

Smokey Robinson, Guy Sebastian

Smokey Robinson

Kira Lorsch, Smokey Robinson, Ruta Lee

Emma Bell


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Photos By Wilki W. K. Tom
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