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September 21, 2014 -- Ambulante CA Opening Night

September 21, 2014
Ambulante CA Opening Night
Bronx Obama
MacArthur Park
Levitt Pavillion
Los Angeles, CA


When Louis Ortiz shaved off his goatee one day in 2008, his life changed forever. He looked in the mirror and he didn’t see himself – a middle-aged, unemployed Puerto Rican father from the Bronx. He saw the face of change, of hope… of money. BRONX OBAMA tells the strange and improbable tale of a Barack Obama impersonator who tries to cash in on the “look of a lifetime” and chases a fevered American dream from opportunity to oblivion.
Filmmaker Ryan Murdock’s debut feature film has been in the making for nearly 3 years, as he intimately documented Mr. Ortiz’s transformation during Obama’s first term and the 2012 election season. Murdock has rolled out this story in multiple parts – first as a 36-minute radio piece for NPR’s This American Life, then as a short film for The New York Times. The 90-minute feature documentary reveals a host of new characters; a manager who pushes Louis hard to “become Obama,”  a seasoned “Bill Clinton” who dispenses advice, and a hard-working “Mitt Romney” who bets it all on his newfound career. Murdock captures unexpectedly hilarious moments along this Twilight-Zone-esque campaign trail while delving deep into the question of what it means to be someone you’re not.

Viento Callejero

Tony Sauza

Gabriel Villa

Fredrico Zuniga


Director, Bronx Obama

Christine Dávila

Councilmember Gil Cedillo
Council District 1

Director, Ink & Paper

Luis Ortiz
The Audacity of Louis Ortiz (2014)
aka "Bronx Obama"

Director, Bronx Obama

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