Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August 26, 2016
In Search of the American Dream
Laemmle Music Hall
Beverly Hills, CA

Director: Baldemar  Rodriguez 
Starring: Baldemar  Rodriguez, Shaina Sandoval 

Moderated by La Opinon's Pilar Marrero 

Baldemar Rodriguez, director 

Shaina Sandoval 

Baldemar  Rodriguez, Shaina Sandoval

September, Shaina Sandoval 


Pilar Marrero, Baldemar Rodriguez 

Pilar Marrero, La Opinon

Baldemar Rodriguez 

Shaina Sandoval 

Wilki W. K. Tom
Event Photographer
© 2016 WilkiIMAGE

Wilki W. K. Tom

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